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Crappie perch and cats again!

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Once again I'm back from fishing with some nice crappie a perch and a decent blue cat. One crappie with lemon pepper. One with a pork rub and one with pork rub and honey. Perch and cat with old bay. Never tried it but sofar it smells awesome!! Smokin with oak again
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Gotta show them off with some q-view!



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definately show us pictures of your smoke and your catch if you got them
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Eagerly waiting!    Lol, I used to live up your way... where did you catch them?  

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I want to see the crappie! I've been trying to convince my bro's in WI to smoke some crappie but they can't get past the pan fried phase.. I don't disagree but I gotta try smoked crappie. Any pics?

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 yeahthat.gif   Would love to see some pics as well  biggrin.gif  Crappie is a good eatin fish too!

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