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First Smoked Brisket Pics

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I seasoned the meat with salt, garlic powder, paprika, ground coriander, onion powder, pepper.

Full packer brisket, trimmed, and separated.  Smoked on a charcoal vertical smoker that has been converted to electric.  My goal temp was 225 but I would say it was between 200 and 225 through out the night.  I used big chunks of dried apple wood, smoked wet until 150 then dry the rest of the way.  I pulled the meat at 180, wrapped it, and stuck it in a cooler for two hours.  I started smoking the briskets at 12:30 am.  The point was on a lower rack of the smoker and finished first at 11:30 am, the flat did not reach 180 until 1:30 pm.


Turned out great, picked up a few more packer briskets for future bbq's.  My camera was not working so here are some cell phone pics from the fourth of July.






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Looks like you did great from here!



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Looks great
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Looks awesome !!!
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Thanks Guys!

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