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I Love You Guys

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We are having company for dinner so I decided to smoke a pork butt.  I religiously followed the wonderful sticky on smoking them.  I got my apple juice and Captain Morgan all ready and put the temperature probe into the pork.  When it got to 173° and stayed there for 45 minutes I didn't panic and I didn't increase the temperature.  I sat firm because you told me to.  It's still in the smoker but it's up to 180° and moving.  The bark looks awesome.  I'm so excited and I love you guys.  yahoo.gif

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Patience is key... good for you hanging in there!

Of course... what time were you planning dinner?

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You got me there, lol.  Dinner was an hour late but since we were all drinking, nobody knew or cared.


BTW, the bark was awesome and everything was delicious.

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Happens to all of us! I try to build in a couple of hours into a cook to allow for a stubborn piece of meat and some rest time.
Glad it worked out for you and you had a great meal..
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Congrats Claregirl.

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Happy smoken.


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