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Sweet and spicy pickles

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I love these and wanted to share

1 48oz dill pickles
2 c sugar
Tabasco sauce
Black pepper corns
Red pepper corn

Drain juice from pickles and remove pickles from jar. Slice pickles and layer in jar with alternating layers of pickles sugar few dashes of Tabasco a few pepper corns till you chopped all pickles. Shake jar and put in the refrigerator. Shake the jar and flip over a few times a day for 5 days. Open and eat. Try and not eat the whole jar in one day.

**if you like a smokey taste you can use Tabasco Chipotle.
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Sounds tasty!

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Hey, now there's something new worth trying

Do you put any of the pickle juice or other liquid in the jar?



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No you dont want any of the original juice in the jar. The sugar will make juice after a day or so.

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I have one using sour pickles and some other stuff....and they are the bomb!  If yall want the recipe will share.



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Hello Miss Kat.  I don't mean to Hi-Jack this thread but I am not one to mix sweet and savory.  I would like to have your recipe if you wouldn't mind.  Thank you.  Keep Smokin!


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