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1st Brisket smoke

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Finally bit the bullet and decided to try a brisket for the 4th- As I've got a  MES 30", I ordered a small untrimmed packer, thinking I would trim most of the fat to do a drip baste, (Thanks Bear!!).  The whole deal weighed in around 12 lbs, and I soon realized this was not going to fit in my MES. 


So, after looking at several posts about how to separate the point, I did my best hatchet job on it.  It actually came off pretty good, as long as you take your time. The flat wound up at around 7 lbs, all trimmed up.


I trimmed off all but about 1/8" of the fat cap, and let it marinate overnight in Goldbuckle Brisket Sauce, which a guy in line at the meat counter recommended. He was doing 4 butts & 2 briskets, so I assumed it wasn't his 1st rodeo.......


Got up about 3 am, cleaned it up, rubbed with EVOO, then Jeff's rub (with about 1/4 of the DBS called for, as I don't like the sweetness it imparts), then prepped the smoker with AMAZN pitmasters choice, and 2 drip pans full of the fat cuttings.








Hmm.... Ignore that last pic, can't figure out how to remove it.  Them look like ribs to me....




I filled the water pan, and threw in a can of beef broth for S & G's....  Time for a nap.


Hit the stall about 5 hours later, took about 3 hours to get through. Even dropped a few degrees. Finally hit 195 at 5PM, 13 hours later. I foiled it & put in the warming drawer for about an hour, then sliced & chowed.


Everyone raved about it, I thought it was pretty good, super tender, nice bark. Not quite as smoky as I'd like, but I can chug liquid Smoke from the bottle....


Good as it was, I think I'd still rather have a nice Tri Tip rare!


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That looks mighty tasty from here...very nicely done!



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Thanks Red!!

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