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Needle Valve

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I was so excited to get a complete needle valve assembly by Bayou for my Brinkman smoker just in time for Independence Day.  Unfortunately, we could not get the old line unscrewed.   Brinkman smokers aren't the sturdiest smokers in the world so we didn't want to force it, or the whole thing would have come apart.


Any suggestions?



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penetrating oil?

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Not sure which part you're trying to unscrew......some pictures would really help.
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I cut the line and used barbed hose adapters and hose clamps. Worked like a charm.
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Don't spray anything on it as if it gets in the line or some other place it will cause you problems down the road.  The manufacturers use pipe dope to seal the threads and it is hard to get them unscrewed but not impossible.  I used two wrenches and and some force to remove mine.  You will just need to be patient with it and it will come off.  Which reg did you get from Bayou?  The one I purchased did work fine but it was a high pressure regulator and it really shot the flames for me. So what I did was remove the regulator from their setup and then removed the regulator from the line that came with my smoker and then installed it onto the needle valve.  I did need to buy an adapter but it worked out great.  Once I sued the original regulator I had normal sized flames with a full open needle valve. Plus I was able to turn the flames way down as well. 

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OK, give me a little while and I'll take some piz

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Sorry it took me so long.  Here are my smoker and the hose regulator assembly.  I have been trying to take the old one off for a while now but this smoker is kind of fragile that I'm afraid the whole thing will come apart if I am too hard on it.  I will try the two wrench trick that PS0303 suggested but it's a little late now about not spraying anything.  LOL


Here's another stupid question, which way is unscrewing?  I keep thinking "Righty, tighty.  Lefty, loosy"  but is that just for plumbing?  Or is this considered plumbing?




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Counterclockwise is loosen!
Put 1 wrench on the silver nut coming from the valve and another wrench on the brass nut from the hose. Position the wrenches close together and using 1 hand squeeze them together. That is the easiest and safest way to loosen fittings up. If you put the wrenches way apart from each other and try to push them together or pull them apart with 2 hands you take a chance of bending or breaking the pipe going to the valve, also you run the risk that when it breaks loose you bust a knuckle on something.
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Is there a silver valve undeath that black tape?????

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I don't see any black tape in the picture. I was just talking about where the hose connects to the pipe that goes into the valve.
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OK, thanks.  I'm on it!

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That new regulator looks similar to one I bought from Bayou for my MasterBuilt and like ps0303 wrote  it produced hot flames. The silver tag on the original regulator and hose is 1 PSI and on the Bayou its 10 PSI so it gave a hot flame to  my MasterBuilt. I'm looking at puting a needle valve in line with the original regulator and hose. 

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My husband and I have both given up trying to install this on our existing smoker since we cannot get the damn (sorry) old one off.


We're going to wait until the end of the season and buy a new one.  Hopefully, something we can put the needle valve on.


Thanks everybody for your kind help and encouragement. 

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