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My first Prime Rib.

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Just tried my first Prime Rib.


I used a Burgundy Wine  with a little Pecan Savory mixture for a rub. Covered it with EVOO and butter before rub



Wrapped it with cellophane put in refrigerator overnight.


Bad picture. Indirect heat with lump charcoal. I have half of an onion on coals. Used pecan and apple wood for a little smoke.



My grill bad background. Just posted a little blue thin smoke.



1 hour on grill at 300 deg.  Another bad pic.


1 hour 40 minutes on the grill inside temp 130 deg. Ready to come off

Slices of the first cuts.





Little fat cap on top..



My first Prime Rib. Everything was great for my first time. Next time I will add just a little more smoke in meat and more rub. Didn't want to over kill on my first one.


Please let me know what I did wrong.. I have thick skin Just need some opinions..




Thanks for looking


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You and yours enjoyed it? Then I say you did nothing wrong! Looks good.

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Looks great.

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