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I don't often cook Chicken Wings...

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Mostly because they are stupid expensive, but I had a hankering....


Wings and a halved chicken...
Half rubbed with Plowboys Yardbird and dusted with a little SM Cherry
Half rubbed with SM Cherry.

So good - love the little bit of char..

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  Those are looking great!



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No wonder you don't smoke them often when they look like that they don't last long biggrin.gif but they sure taste good

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Good looking chicken. I love wings. Never tried chicken halves. did you brine the chicken halves?

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Thanks guys.
Didn't brine the chicken this time, just rubbed and onto the cooker.
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That's some Great looking wings there Elly!!!
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Looks fabulous. I think $ 1.99 a pound is the new low price around here and they are usually $2.39 or so. We don't cook them as often as we used to. But legs and thighs are still pretty cheap so if you have to feed a crowd , they are a good choice. Your chicken looks perfect. grilling_smilie.gif
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I agree on the price... outrageous...th_dunno-1[1].gif but what can we do confused.gif.


Your little burnt pieces are the best. Carbonized Chicken can't be beat icon_mrgreen.gif

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Great Looking smoker full of chicken there! Two of my favorites, halves and wings!

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