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Quick Safety Note - High temp smoking

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Just a heads-up from a ROOKIE!

I am smoking a beer butt chicken (more on that later) but based on all the comments about smoking chicken at higher temps for crisper skin (in my case 285-290*). I'll post a string later about the chicken (seems to be coming along great) but, I heard some noises inside my smoker. They were popping noises I've never heard so, I opened the door to see if I should add more water to the pan. The pan wasn't empty but, it was pretty low. Adding cool water to a 290*+ water pan is WAAAAY different than adding it to a 225* pan. I'm fine but, be careful. In my case, I almost got a full face of very hot steam.

Dumb mistake and nothing happened but, I'm getting more respect for smoking at higher temps.

But the skin loots a lot crisper too!


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Thanks for the heads-up. Glad you didn't get burned.

Happy smoken.


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Scott those pops you hear are the wonderful noises of juices oozing out of a tasty bird...maybe the water pan popping also. 


Don't bother using a water pan for hot smoking chicken, water will want to lower your pit temp and is just burning extra energy. 


What kind of smoker are you using anyways?

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Thanks. I'm using an older Perfect Smoke with a cheap mod to keep the smoke/heat in - an old metal frame-clamp.

One of these days, I'll buy a new one but, I figure this one is still smarter than the cook! I'm the one that is still learning. Chicke pictures later. :-)


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Scott, yea just put some sand in your water pan w/ foil over it.   Basically your burner is just fighting that steamy environment with water in the pan...especially at those higher temps.   


Water is ok if you want at lower and slower temps...even then you don't have to.  Propane smokers produce enough moisture imo. 



We'll be waiting to see the Q!110.gif

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Glad you are good to go.. and a great safety note for others. Kudos.


I too will be on the sidelines for the Chicken Reveal...popcorn.gif.

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