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Super fast cook time on tri tips?

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I am in the process of doing some tri-tip roasts for the first time today. I got 2 roasts at about 2 to 2.5lbs each from the supermarket. The fat cap was already trimmed off. I used dry rubs on them and put them on the smoker at 225deg. Within an hour they were at 120deg. I thought maybe my Maverick food probe might be off so I used my insta-read and got the same results. So I flipped em over and within another 30 minutes or so they hit 138deg. I pulled them and wrapped em in foil where they sit right now. I will pull from the foil in about an hour to see the results.


Is this unusual? I am not sure if these are smaller than what most people use on the smoker. With them in there what felt like such a short period of time, I feel like they won't soak up a lot of smoke flavor and will likely not have any smoke ring I enjoy seeing. I did cut a small piece off the end of it and it tasted ok and was very moist and tender, so who knows. Maybe I am just used to smoking things for 3-6 hours and not such a short smoke?


I will update this once I pull them from the foil. Wish me luck!


Two tri-tip roasts and trying some posole. I cubed up the loins to put in the posole below and will let that sit in the smoker for another 3 hours.

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Looking forward to the money shot110.gif. I smoke to temp. not by time.

Happy smoken.


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To my surprise, everything turned out super awesome. Tri-tip roasts are my new favorite thing to smoke. After letting them sit an hour in the cooler wrapped in foil, I pulled them, cut at a 45deg angle against the grain, and devoured them. Super tender, juicy, smoky, and flavorful. It reminded me of roast beef. The wife agreed they were awesome as did the neighbors.


I just gotta go with the flow I guess and not sweat the cook time and just trust the temps.


Perfectly rare the way we like it.




The store-bought rub was ok. It had a light citrus and peppery flavor.



The Java Rub one was so delicious. The meat really soaked up the flavor of that rub.



The smoked posole came out insanely good. I let it simmer in the smoker for 4 hours and it made the smoked pork loin I put in it so tender, it was fantastic. It's so easy too. You can literally have it ready to go into the smoker in 5 minutes.

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That all looks good. Times are just a guide with larger cuts. Always let Temp make the final call. Just for your reference...An Internal Temp of 120*F (cool red center) is Rare, 130*F (warm red center) is Med/Rare, 140*F (very warm Pink center) is Medium, 150*F (Hot slightly pink center) Med/Well and 160*F (Hot gray center) Well done...If you pulled wrapped and rested at 138*F, carryover took it over 140*F and judging by the color to a perfect Medium. Nice job...JJ

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Nice job! I absolutely love Smoked Tri Tip, I'm with you , it's my fave- Cheap (relatively), quick, and as good as a cheap prime rib. (or better!!) 


Your Posole is making my mouth water just looking at it! 

Any pointers on making that??


Happy smokin'



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I just used this recipe


I didn't change anything other than cooking the pork and the posole itself in the smoker. Super tasty and 5 minutes prep time is tough to beat.

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