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Sunday Pork Butt using Jeff's Rub!

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I was surfing this site last night having lots of fun exploring and reading some of the smokes that I did this year.  Much to my surprise I hadn't cook a Butt in about 3 months. Well, I thought that I was past due for some pulled pork.

Also while on the site I went into the area that Jeff sells his books and recipes. While I was there I bought the pork rub and sauce recipes. What the heck, for the price of the 2 he'd throw in a PDF version of the 5 day e course!!! I'm always one for a bargain.  A few quick clicks to paypal to get Jeff his money and I was out the door in search of the perfect butt while the recipes downloaded on the laptop.

I found this 7.5 pounder.


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Jeffs Rub Recipe was straight forward using ingredients that I already had in the house.  Easy to make with not a lot of fuss.  Great aroma and texture. 


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Jeffs rub has a good balance of sweet and spice with a bit of a cayenne kick at the finish. I was so impressed I'm going to make an injection solution. 1/4 cup of Jeff's Rub mixed with 2 cups apple cider and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar.


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And into the MES. Set at 225 degrees.  Using Apple Wood tonight. And the Maverick 732  probes are monitoring the pig and the smoker temps.


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Looks good Brian! Will be looking for some bark in the morning!!!
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Evening Dave! My bet is that this rub should do the trick! It's a great mix. 

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Your pork butt looks great BD.
I've only smoked pork butt once.
Did two ~ 8 pounders at the same time.
Used Jeff's Rub and was very happy with the results.
Good luck with yours.
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  Looking good!  Did you make a batch of Jeff's sauce yet? It is awesome with the PP !  Give it a try.




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Looks good Brian. You'll get a great bark with jeffs rub! And im usually not a fan of BBQ sauce.. but mans its a whole notha thing when its prepared fresh!
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Looks good BD!  We love Jeff's Rub on our pulled pork smokes!  Looking forward to seeing your finished pics.



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Thanks Jay, Wabo and RED!

After my first time use of Jeffs rub I'd say that I am hooked.  In addition there have been numerous comments on these forums about the MES unit not doing a great job forming bark,  Well take look at this!



The butt has been in the smoke for 9.5 hours at 225 degrees. Great bark on this meat and the internal temp is 170.  Time to wrap it in a pan adding left over injection solution and wait for the meats internal  temp to hit 200 degrees


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Great looking PB there Brian....just so you know, you can say goodbye to that nice crusty bark....when you foil for the remainder of the smoke the bark softens up and is, well....not bark anymore.icon_cry.gif


I like your injection mixture...good idea.  icon14.gif


You will let us know how it comes out, right?



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Haha nice, I think we are at about the exact same spot in terms of doing some pork butt today......mine just hit 190 (finishing it in the oven after I got low on coals, boo).  The last 10 degrees is always the toughest for me when I'm checking it every five minutes to see if and when it finally climbs to the pinnacle. 

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Hey Boston.  I put mine on at 10pm last night. its almost noon and we are at 194 internal temp.  I'll be taking it off soon for an hour or two rest before I pull it.  

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Lookin good B!
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Okay gang. When the foiled Pork Butt hits an internal temperature of 200 degrees it should look something like this. 


 Now you should recover with foil and put it in a cooler for and hour or two before you pull it. The Timer on the left is correct. It took 15 hours 15 minutes for this 7.5 pound Butt to reach 200. 

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That looks Beautiful, Brian!!!
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Thanks so much Dave. Anxious to taste this new rub. Sure smells great.  And really packs on the bark. 

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BD i am right there with you, man. I am at 14 hrs. With mine. A few more degrees and i'm taking her to the towels!..
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Like you I'm not a fan of sauce. But at your suggestion I'm whipping up a batch of Jeff's Sauce recipe.  Interesting flavors that you'd never get out of a bottle!

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