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July 4th Success

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I gave it a shot with an 8 pound Boston Butt. It came out marvelous, even my wife enjoyed it and she is a very picky eater. Injected with apple juice sugar and salt, rubbed with sugar (brown and white) paprika, garlic salt, kosher salt, chili powder, cayenne, cumin, black pepper, all the good stuff after rubbing it down with yellow mustard. 10 hours later, this is what I had:


Put it on ciabatta bread with coleslaw and cajun corn on the cob

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Looks incredibly good, glad it worked out well! 


Personally i don't poke my butts with injections(food safety) get your minds out of the gutter!'ll fall apart on it's own!     Glad the wife likes it, little by little you'll earn her confidence. 

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This is way better than my first pork butt effort. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I am more glad your missus enjoyed it and I am really happy you posted it! Keep up the Qview!



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Thank you for the words of encouragement. We are still picking at it (me more so than my wife). There is enough left for one more meal for me and then it will be time to start planning the next meat adventure. Not sure what I will use...might try another leg of lamb. I will probably make another sauce but this time it will be for me. More heat. Will post my results then. FWIsmoker: - I caught some flack from friends when I mentioned I was smoking a Boston Butt. I think it was because my wife is from Boston. :)
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