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Independence Day

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Hope everyone had a good ID celebration!  We spent the day with family here at the house with a pork shoulder and a brisket in the smoker.  My in-laws (Texas Ray is my better 9/10ths daddy) and three of our four kids and another family of six (friends of my wife's) all enjoyed some good Q and some good times.


I apologize for not taking any before pics, but we all know what a naked brisket and butt all look like.  


For the brisket we pumped the thing full of melted butter, Worcestershire (is that pronounced wooja-gister like that crazy Texan says?!?) sauce, garlic powder and apple juice.  Only problem with that was, we had no apple juice so, we substituted some apple cider beer.  Good choice, I think!  We also used the remainder to mop during the smoke.  I then slathered the thing with the usual mustard followed by some Simply Marvelous pecan rub.  First time using it and, I liked it.


The butt was treated the same except we used the SM sweet seduction.


I had some issues with the smoker early on, but I got it sorted out and it all timed out well and we ate on time!




The steer...





The pig...

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Lookin' good, Mac!



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Thanks, are a few more for your enjoyment.



Bo was waiting for his portion of the butt (which he did get).

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