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8 pound pork butt

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We are having a get together tomarow at noon with friends and they have requestes pulled pork. I was thinking about putting it on at 8 pm tonight to be ready by noon or 1 tomarrow does that sound right to everyone? Up all night?
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Lots of unknowns. How big, how many, what type of smoker, how hot?

I figure 2 hours per pound running my smoker at 265* to get to an IT of 205*
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Missing some variables. What sized butt, what type of smoker, Since we don't know, here is a good walk thru.

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For good measure, I always plan on 2 hours per pound just as dirtsailor mentions, but it does depend on the temperature you are running.


I did an 8 pounder just a while back with a pit temp of 270 and the butt was at 205 in less than 10 hours.


If you go low and slow (225 pit temp) you can definitely expect about 2 hours per pound if you can keep your pit temp steady.


Good luck,



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Thanks guys I am using a brinkmann pellet grill the temp will be 220 to 250. And the butt weighs 8 pounds so 2 hours a pound and we want to eat at noon tommarow I think I need to put it on at 8 tonight right
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Using a brinkman pellet grill the butt is 8 lbs and I plan on cooking at a temp between 220 250 we want to eat at noon tomarrow so I'm thinking I need to start it at 8 pm is that right?
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Also what is a good finishing sauce? And if I need to re heat the pulled pork what would be the best wayvto keep it moist
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Everyone will probably give this one:


Its pretty good stuff, I keep it in the fridge.


Some do foil pans covered, some do crock pots with an extra bit of sauce. If it good, I will eat it greasy out of the fridge.....LOL

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