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Originally Posted by S2K9K View Post

8 hours 15 minutes later they hit 152* and into the ice bath they went. Now they are hanging to bloom on one of Woodcutters dowel stands (Thanks for the idea Todd, I love this thing!!!)!

Great job on your racks! Keep putting up all these great sausage threads.

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After hanging for 2 1/2 hours I cut them up for packaging:

Thanks again to everyone here at SMF who made this all possible, I could never have done it without you!
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Those look great, just like a proper smoked sausage should!   Oy, I want to do this so bad.  drool.gif

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Beautiful color, I am still in awe of you sausage makers. Thats sooooo cool. Believe I'll have a hot sausage poboy for lunch tomorrow in honor of your achievement. (hey, any excuse is a good one right?) Cheese in sausage, who knew?


Nice stuff man.

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Wow, that does look good as I wipe the drool from my mouth. Like the idea of a sausage po boy
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Nice job dave... sausage looks great..................
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I love sausage and man those look good.

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They look great! I like the sausage po boy idea as well! Thanks S2!

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Thanks Todd! The stand sure makes things easier!!

Thanks Darwin!!

Thanks Foam!!

Thanks Muse!!

Thanks Joe!!!

Thanks UT!!

Thanks Smooth!!
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