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tried and true ribs

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Hello fellow smoker, I was at a picnic at my sisters lake community this past 4th, I chose to BBQ St. Louis style ribs as aour contribution to the pot luck gathering before the fireworks. I did 8 racks, smoked them in the tried and true 3-2-1 method. I used apple chunks and charcoal on my brother-in-laws grill. Too many racks for my SM electric 30", but this method has always worked for me in my smoker too.. Made my own sauce which just finishes it off. Everybody wanted to know the "secrets". I told them, if you aren't smoking your ribs for 3 hours, packing them up in foil for 2 hours with apple juice, and grilling them off with some sauce at the end, you'll never get that special taste. But then, we smokers already know that don't we. 

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Usually I just smile and act all amazed that they came out so good. "Wow, I am going to have to try and remember how I did these." Sounds like someone is going to be incharge of the ribs for next years BBQ. So whatcha gonna cook for 'em for labor day now?


Congratulations on what sounds to be a good smoke.


BTW let me suggest that you sneak on over to the Roll Call forum and introduce yourself so that the smoker Gurus can welcome ya properly and sort of help orchestrate your assimulation into the board. It doesn't hurt....... too bad, LOL

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Sounds like everything turned out well!


'Course, we're gonna need some proof....biggrin.gif  Q_VIEW Brother!





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Welcome aboard! The 3-2-1 method is a great starting point, but don't limit yourself. Experiment and have fun trying different methods and share them with others. This place is all about sharing knowledge and learning new things!!

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