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I'm really loving my pellet smoker

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I started smoking on a used MES 30 in February of this year.  I was hooked on smoking immediately, but knew I was going to need something bigger than what I was using.  I started researching smokers, and when I found pellet smokers I knew that is what I wanted to get.  I've had my Rec Tec for a little over a month now, and I absolutely love it.  I do more cooking on the grill then I do in the house anymore.  This little hobby or habit is starting to get expensive, lol.  New grill tools, Maverick, just got a vacuum sealer, and I'm sure I'm going to need a slicer at some point.  It works out in the end though, because we are eating out way less.  the food coming off the grill is just too good to go out.  Smoke on!  Happy 4th everybody!

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Glad to hear you're happy with the Rec Tec.  I've had mine since April, and it seems every time I cook on it it just gets better!  Best smoker and grill I've ever owned.  Did you get a set of Grill Grates for searing?  I have some ordered that haven't arrived yet, but I'm thinking that's the only thing that'll make this rig perform better.


Happy Smoking!



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