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Never give up the ship till the battle is over. Never worry about the smoke if people stand in line to eat it. What you don't like, takes notes about and make recommendations on the page as to how you plan on doing better next time. I still do it, its a great way to remember that perfect smoke or get to it. get a notebook or a computer file or a flash and use it like a snipers kill book. 4th of July brisket, good rub, 16 # took about 18 hours pulled but didn't rest at 200 IT. Next time I think I'll use less smoke , change to pecan, and try my own BBQ sauce the last 2 hours cooking. Something like that anyway.


I know its popular these days, but we never used to do burnt ends, it was all just yummy brisket.


Glad you were happy, is it a new 4th tradition now?


Too full for the fireworks now?

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Originally Posted by jbomx363 View Post

Didn't look the best... but it was super tender and great tasting. My fears were all for naught.


Chicken was pretty dang good with the kickin chicken spice.


Not the best photo as we piled it up.



Presentation is a key.. but really who cares as long as its good.. Next time you'll find the point... for now just enjoy the brisket.. There are SOME people not getting even "ugly" brisket to eat this HOliday!!!!!  :) *AHEM* ME!!!! 

Happy 4th!


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Tradition..probably...too full to do anything, went to sleep at 7pm. Heard some fireworks is all.


Everyone was happy with the food, especially my 74yr old Mom who usually is very picky. That made my day. My paw in law sliced it as brisket is and has been "his thing", so I learned a bit on that. But was super happy when he said, and I already knew it, that his are never as tender as this was.


Taking notes for future smokes. Check.

Food's good, work on presentation. Check.


Help from all at SMF's.. priceless.

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You done good. Glad the guests enjoyed and had a great time.
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