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Yes, this is ultimately carolinasmoke's build and I'm simply consulting and completing the cutting and welding to help him get things done. I suggested the 6" however the 5" was the only scrap that could be located and the price of new was ridiculously high.
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Since you are going to change out the stack anyway, just for an experiment start reducing the length of the stack, tack some readings and post for everyone would be good information to have. Just a thought. 


Another thing is and you probably already know this, but a lot of first time pit builders may not.  When sizing your stack there is a difference in ID and OD, I think some people find a piece of pipe run their tape across the end to get the size, If you are measuring lets say 4" pipe and you measure across the top, if your pipe is 1/4 " then all you have is 3 1/2 " ID pipe. The only reason I would bring this up is I read a couple post on new builds where that was used. So be sure and check the Inside dia.



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Those are great points. Thanks Gary! I am definitely a first time builder on this.
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Yes, pipe is measured using inside diameter while tubing (electrical conduit) is typically outside diameter
I would love to experiment with various lengths but there is enough pipe to salvage that I can use this on an 80gal tank I have and will be building a smoker out of so I won't be doing that.
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Glad it helps, I am sure not trying to insinuate that any of the members don't know the difference between ID and OD, but if you don't know you don't know. If you go to the scrap yard or local fab shop, depending on who you ask may or may not be knowledgeable in correctly sizing pipe at least around here. They grab their tape measure and start measuring from out to out. Now if you go to the local steel supplier or pipe yard, totally different, they will ask if you want ID or OD and what wall thickness. So just good information to have. I never think about that type stuff because of being in Steel Erection and Crane business for 40 years. But to a new guy just building his first pit, can make a huge difference.


Just Say'en 



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So it was actually not to difficult to cut the 5" exhaust pipe out and weld in a new much larger pipe.
Brad located a 6-1/4" ID pipe with a 3/8" wall thickness, sure won't have a problem with exhaust flow or cooling now. I think it looks way better now too.
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It does look good on there, are you going to fire it up this weekend?

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Yes I do plan on doing another test burn to see how the larger exhaust plays out.
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I like the looks of that one, I'll bet you will see quite a difference



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Got a little more work done, finished up the wood box and mounted the fenders.

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Getting really close and looking great! Did you fire it up again and see if the new exhaust made an improvement?

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Got a log basket finished the other day and did another test burn. We made the basket about half the depth of the firebox to keep the fire more contained and to control the heat a little easier. The new stack really made a difference. Temps evened out nicely throughout the burn. Really never exceeded a difference of more than ten degrees at certain times. Excited to start cooking and learning this thing!
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Good morning and Congrats on getting everything ironed out. Can't wait to see pictures of your first smoke.


Gary S

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Ok folks, finally got to a point where we can start some cooks. I decided to get it seasoned up this past weekend.

Threw some yardbirds on it just to get an idea of how this thing cooks.

Was pretty happy with these for a first time through.

The ribs turned out great. I think I pulled them off a little early, but had a hungry father in law drooling over my shoulder!

She's a lean mean seasoned machine!!
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Just over two years later and this thing gets blasted and a couple coats of high temp bbq paint.
Here's a few pics for those interested.

Definitley made some memories with this thing and thanks to this forum made a new friend.
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Beautiful  !!!



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