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I'm gunning to be there by 4ish. I'll see if I can bring some stuffed jalapeños to smoke. All this working kills my free time. I'll ask the wife if she has time to prepare them. If we get them on by 4ish they should be done by 6. I'll also need you to send me your address KFC. Thanks again.
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We picked up a salad and desert doner on the last couple folks..

I grabbed chicken thighs, maybe brine and smoke one pack, and just grill the other.

Picking up corn from local farmer tonight.

Wife making a couple broccoli salad thingy she likes.

Beer... Check.

Breakfast fatty fixins.... Check

Lunch mild Italian to go with cheese, crackers and smoked salmon.... Check

S'more stuff for campfire... Check

Don't forget your lawn chairs and drinks!
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Holy moly I have bunch of fish to smoke. I stuffed a 5 gallon pail full. :)

Hope you guys like salmon...
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I think ya'all will have more food than you'll know what to do with.))
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I have a block of smoked muenster I can bring as a snack to go round. It's not a lot, but enough to make up one presentable tray of cheese and crackers.

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Originally Posted by FWIsmoker View Post

I think ya'all will have more food than you'll know what to do with.))



Originally Posted by kingfishcam View Post

Holy moly I have bunch of fish to smoke. I stuffed a 5 gallon pail full. :)

Hope you guys like salmon...

Hmm, you guys got me nervous now. Should I bring all this pork or just one? The one on the left is about 5 pounds and the right is about 7 pounds. Also note that I was planning on cutting them in half to make them stretch and maybe in case someone doesn't want a whole one. If I bring both, that would make for about 50-60 pieces. Thoughts?


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Humdinger,   I think one would be enough. There is going to be a lot of food.  We will all probably be taking food home.  Yum leftovers...



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Thanks Stan. That's what I suspected. Will do.

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I am bummed I will not be able to make this event. Post pics to share. Sounds like fun.

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Sorry I have not put up pics today. Stan came by and got the ribs rubbed and on ice. I got the salmon all trayed up and in the fridge. Had some running around to do and just did not have a chance to get it all done...

See y'all tomorrow!
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The games have begun!
On the left we have a highly modded MF that will be cooking chicken, sausage and jalapeño peppers.
On the right we have a cres cor electric that currently is housing 3 full sheet trays if salmon soaked in POPs bring. Later the ribs will follow..

All smoking will be provided by Mr. T Johnson's AMPS products!

Apple dust and pecan pellets going on the fish by the way...

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Check it out.

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The family of turkeys came out to smell the smoke. I don't think they understand there is still pleanty of space in the smoker...

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Good morning KFC,  You early bird the fish is looking good.  KFC has a beautiful place and we are going to have a great time today.  Do you need anything I will be leaving about 9:00-9:30. 



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I think we are good Stan.
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Chicken is prepped. EVOO and some SPOG rub. Never smoked chicken before, so a bit of an experiment.

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After smoking the chicken I'd sear it all on a hot kettle grill if someone has one.

Seeing those turkeys is awesome.. Room for those right next to the other birds.. Lol
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Michigan Q gathering was a great success! Thank you so much for your hospitality KFC. Thank you for the invite humdinger. I'll take you up on that offer to meet at brads sometime. Thank you for all your knowledge and the smoked watermelon Stan!

Anytime any of you want to smoke and drink some beers all day I'm in. Just give me some notice and I will show up!

Great time guys!!! My wife and I had a blast!

Your piece of property is awesome cam! I might need to see if we can hunt some duck on it! Of course all duck I hit on your property will be smoked there, and enjoyed by all!

Thanks again! I hope we can do it again a lot sooner than next August!

Thanks again everyone,
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That's great to hear guys, looking forward to next year!
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All I can say I'd I had a great time with some new friends! Thanks to everyone for bringing something special to the party! A special thanks to Stan for being there start to finish the whole weekend.

I would like a standing order for the Mrs. Humdinger Mac and cheese please...
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