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Starting some Beef short ribs

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Starting some beef short ribs today. prepped with olive oil, garlic, onion, pepper, sea salt and a bit of masterpiece seasoning.  Have some real estate open so tossing on some baby backs with my normal prep and seasoning.


Smoker is getting cranked up and will do some update q-veiw during the day.


80% chance of rain today so having it under roof is going to be really nice.



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  Looks good so far! Keep the pics coming!



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Looks like you're off to a good start. Are you gonna run them straight on the grates for the whole cook or do you plan on foiling too?

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Loaded the beef ribs in a tray and sprayed with apple juice / Jack Daniels mix, foiled and in for a couple more hours.


Baby backs were foiled also and sprayed. 


Then back on the grates. 

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How long do you plan on smoking the short ribs and what is the smokers temprature? I plan on smokin some on the 4th, thanks.

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Just pulled them out of the foil and dropped them back on their side, look like they are falling apart.


Cooking at 200-220  - 2 1/2 hours smoke - 1 1/2 hours foil and maybe 30 min smoke after. 


Only my second batch of beef ribs, hard to find around here.


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Pulled them and will let the rest for a bit. 

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Well, I think those sucked, seemed to be nice and tender but really not much taste.

The pork ribs (which fell apart) in the back ground and the beef ribs in the front, just not very tasty and a bit tough.


Maybe next time, but not sure beef ribs are worth it... :)

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Might of been my bad that these. When I took them out of the pan to toss them on grill for about 30 min, there was about 3/4" of juice and grease in the pan and I drained it all out.


Put the ribs in the pan covered to rest about 45 min and should of left the juice in the pan so it could soak it back up, thinking that's why they were a bit dry...

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