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Dueling Big Chiefs

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This weekend I prepared too much Salmon jerky to fit in just one smoker, so out came Mr. Backup.


Tapayakin' from my iphone
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Chiefs do a great job on smoking salmon.....      2thumbs.gif

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Can't wait to see the end results!

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Heck Brother Dave. Ol' Big Chiefs do a great job cooking most anything. They get it done old school style for not a lot of money. Maybe thats why they have been around so long.  For many of us it was the first smoker we owned and many never out grew them. I owned one many years ago when I got married. I'm a fan. 




That setup is awesome! Please post the salmon after the smoke. We don't smoke much fish down here in Texas.  But I want to change that.  Ive been on this forum reading up on it a bit and going to give it a try.  

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My uncle used to have a Big Chief!  Lord, the wonderful smells that came out of that smoker, but it is gone now.  Lasted almost forever.


Thanks for a wonderful memory!

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