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Large Gas Grill

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I usually smoke with a Brinkman charcoal. This weekend, my only choice is a large gas grill that has 3 row burners (back, middle, front) running left-to-right the entire width of the grill. Other than heat in back, meat in front indirect, is there anything else I should be aware of?

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If it has a upper rack you might try using it. Remember to post pics.

Happy smoken. David

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I hate those front to back grills!! LOL.


Ditto what Mule said about a top rack.


If there is not a top rack i would try making a heat shield with some alum. foil...use only the furthest back burner and wad up some alum. foil "tubes" the deflect some heat. and rotate the meat 180 degrees ever couple hours or so so you dont cook unevenly

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These folks gave great advice... no heat in the front and put the meat as far front as you can.  Rotate every so often, but be sure to keep the times consistent.  Sucks, but better than cooking on an electric stove.

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