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Buying a pork butt

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Im smoking a butt on the 4th, do you all think its to early to buy the butt today? and just keep it in my fridge.  Just want to get all the shopping out of the way. thanks guys

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Hell no....go get yourself one before all the good ones are snapped up. get it outta the bag and trimmed up some if needed then get yourself some fresh rub made up then tomorrow I'd rub it all up and over good, wrap in food film good and put in fridge to rest and get happy. Then check out the search bar above for Butts and get your game plan ready for yourself. Fail to plan....plan to Only kidding with that one....but being prepared and mentally ready is important for a good smoke, especially if cooking for guests.....Willie.....Let the good smoke roll

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I appreciate it, Im going to go buy it tonight

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