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First Smoke with Q view

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So I'm breaking in the new OK Joes. No mods yet except lowering chimany to cooking level. I decide to try out on a chicken. No time to brine so just rub and baste as I cook. Smoker is doing good. I'm useing a combo of Kingsford charcoal, apple wood and a little oak. It is leaking around doors but not too bad. I have played with it was able to adjust temps pretty easily with the dampers. I took it up to 275 then down to 225 now holding around 240 -245. So far so good for my first smoke without useing my MES.


This is after I played arround with it and kept was holding it to around 240 - 245


This is after about 30 minutes


Here is after about 1.5 hours. IT in breast 131.

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Looks great. I am new to smoking. I just used mine for the first time today. Going to try chicken next I think.
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  Looking good so far!  10 more degress and you will be good! Nice color!



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