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first smoke

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Did a full chicken for my first time. Came out juicy and falling right off the bone. Looking forward to leftovers[IMG]
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Nice looking bird, glad you enjoyed it.
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Looks like some tasty yardbird.


I like to smoke chickens breast down too.   icon14.gif

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I did flip it 2 hrs in
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That's a gorgeous bird! Any reason for the invert and flip on it? Does that let the flavor penetrate deeper?
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Great looking bird, thanks for sharing and good luck with your upcoming smokes,

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Nice bird , Bkemp . drool.gif Keep it up.... Oh, and welcome to our Flock.biggrin.gif

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Honestly Bob, I have no clue. Probably just the novice in me. Anyone have input on the flip? Good or bad?
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I do not have the experience to answer your question re flipping. I do have the eye to say that is a good looking chicken. Thanks for posting.



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Mmm...very nice!  That looks delicious!



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I've never flipped one , but that's just cuz it never occurred to me! Can't hurt anything and you probably do get better smoke and heat overall.
You might've started a trend! grilling_smilie.gif
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Thats one heck of a chicken  Nicely done!

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Definitely going to give the flip a try this weekend, see how it compares to the last one, for science of course.
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Of course
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