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Brine Ground Turkey?

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Since brining is a chemical process, I can't think of any **chemical** reason why it wouldn't be good for ground turkey. However, I can think of a mushy ground turkey reason why... has anyone tried this?  


Instead of a conventional brining in which you leave it in a bucket for hours, what about just pouring the liquid over it in a bowl. Enough so it absorbs some, but not so much that it's sitting in a bowl of liquid.  Thoughts?

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I would have to say yes. Never seen it done.

Happy smioken.


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I would MAYBE use the brine as a basting sauce during cooking. Soaking the ground meat in the brine will make the meat so loose, that you'll find yourself adding fillers (bread crumbs) and/or binders (eggs) just to make the meat firm enough to hold a patty shape. If it flavor that you want to give to the meat, baste it during the cooking process with a quality BBQ sauce or a teriyaki style marinade/basting sauce.

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