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57 racks of baby backs and 2 pork butts QView

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57 racks of beautiful ribs! I found the limit of my rig and it sits at this or 60 racks with no pork butts. A co-worker's dad retired and she asked me to cook for them. Four hours of driving but this Q was amazing. I had a little old lady ask me for just a couple bones cause she didn't like anyone's ribs.


About ten minutes later I spotted her getting another rack and as she walked passed me I said " I guess you decided you liked ribs huh?" She just smiled and walked away.










The rig and the racks are plum full of goodness!



Cooking complete and we ride into the night.


Thanks for looking everyone!

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77.gif Well done

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That is what cooking should be all about. The ribs look awesome too.

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Man, that's a nice pit you've got there...and it looks awesome full of ribs!  Nice job!



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Bad ass !!!! How much a rig like that go for
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They look great.............Nice job
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you drove for 4 hours to do the Q. i would have done a 7000 mile round trip to try them ribs they look so good ,also i love the rig did you build it yourself ? i want an invite next time lol!!!

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Thanks guys it means a lot to hear fellow smoke'a'holic's say I did a good job. They loved them and really that is all that matters to me. A smile on peoples faces and the quietness happening when they eat tells me it was damn good enough without the comments and clapping when I left... second thought did they clap because they were happy to see me leave? laugh1.gif


Acid we built the rig and over all I think I stuck roughly $3500 on the material, that doesn't include time spend but it was fun.


Smoker, if you see smoke coming out of the stack that means invitation sent! But since your just a tad bit out of viewing area you just show up!

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That's awesome man. That beats the heck out of grilling burgers!
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thanks BBSH i will keep my eyes open when i face west lol i am very jealous of the rig .it looks so well built that it will last you a lifetime and probably will be smoking up food for your great grandchildren icon_biggrin.gif  

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Ridin off into the Sunset!


" he hadn't said Anything at all about momma or trains or trucks or prison or gettin' drunk"


"Well I was drunk the day my momma got out of prison

And I went to pick her up in the rain

But before I could get to the station in the pick-up truck

She got runned over by a damned old train"


Who was that masked man?


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That looks great, good job. the sun is setting in rearview, that means you are going the wrong way, you need to head towards Idahobiggrin.gif

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