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2-2-1 Ribs - FANTASTIC

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Never have had much luck with ribs, but I tried some today with the 2-2-1 method and OMG. Fall apart when you pick them up.

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Looks delicious...nicely done!

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Nice looking ribs!!!
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I also had problems with ribs until I read about this method on SMF. Yours look great!



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Looks good trying my first ribs tomorrow.hope I do everything right,been doing alot of reading
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Ribs look great!

I used this method for the first time not that long ago and the ribs were perfect.  I asked myself why I had never looked this up before, oh well better late than never.
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I will say this. It should be a 2 - 1.5. - .75 method. I think 1.5 hrs in the pan and 45 min on the last step should've been plenty.
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From someone who only started smoking last fall, I have noticed the times need to be adjusted based on your tastes and the size of the ribs. The ribs we get here are smaller than those I have seen in the forums and I cut the times too. I now do spareribs 2.5-2-1 and back ribs 2-1.5-3/4 and they are just the way I like them.



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Look great what temp were you at on smoker?? Want to try some maybe this weekend.

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I did  the 221 yesterday with a buddy. Mine are on the left with a little spice and his are more sweet on the right. Both done on  22 WSM .

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