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hamburger grind

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For those of you who grind your own hamburger what is your favorite meat mix? I have some ribeye, sirloin, and strip steak scraps in freezer was wondering what everyone thinks of that mix.
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Ribeye and sirloin scraps? icon_eek.gif  NEVER heard of such a thing! icon_biggrin.gif Serious now.  I usually don't grind my own but that mix will need some fat added for hamburger.  IMHO.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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My favorite....

40% Chuck
40% Short Rib
20% Brisket

The best quality highly-marbled Piedmontese only.

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I usually buy the cheap whole boneless rib eyes and chuck roast. Grind them together once w/ 3/8 plate for chilli and second time w/ 1/4" plate for burgers.

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I use the same. I also buy filet by the piece and trim and add that to the collection. When I trim brisket brisket...the pure white fat is saved. If your dealing with lean meats ...get to know your local butcher and he'll keep you supplied with the fat thats needed. I cook for my butcher and his helpers. Money well spent.

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