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Qview of Turkey Smoke

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Oiled and rubbed 




One hour in..... Looking Good!!!!!



Will be back in a couple of hours....

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Had a small issue so I had to make a fast decision....   


It was getting way to dark and the skin started splitting...  





I had to wrap it I had no choice.... IMO


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Hello gotribe28.  Many folks gave ya their 2 cents on how to to that bird but looks like you got it goin on.  Some good lookin turkey.  Hang in my friend.  Keep Smokin!


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NOT HAPPY!!!!!!  I have been cooking turkeys for over 20 years and I have NEVER repeat NEVER had a dry one.... Between numerous restaurants and a couple of catering businesses my turkeys are famous for being moist and fall off the bone.... Well I think this one is going to fall off the bone but more like "Christmas Story" fall off the bone....   I will let ya know when we eat in an hour...



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WHOA! here my friend.  Looks like some pretty good grub from here!  Looks like the only thing that could be wrong is it's dry but seen as how you foiled it I can't see that bein a problem.  Relax.  I think you are bein too hard on yourself.  I am also too critical of my food.  I am sure the family will LOVE that bird.  In fact I'm not a poultry fan but if you want to get rid of that bird you can ship it to me!  Have fun.  Keep Smokin!


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In the picture it looks tasty! What was the process you used to smoke the turkey? Brined? Smoker temp?
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Looks great. Tell us what you did.

Happy smoken.


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Ok so maybe just maybe I jumped to conclusions....





Really moist actually









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Looks great. The only thing i see wrong with it. Is i don't have a plate.

Happy smoken.


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I injected it with Tony's Cajun butter last night. I oiled this morning with EVOO and rubbed with Plowboys Yardbird put on the pit at 250 and took it up to 300 i used pecan for the first two hours then only lump...  You can see by the qview basically everything else that went on....  


Thank you for looking and I really appreciate the advice...

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Nice !!!



Gotta love  Big Bird.biggrin.gif

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That looks mighty tastes from here!

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Looks terrific. If you don't want it, send it here!



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I've never smoked a turkey but that makes me want to try! Looks great.


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Gobble grub!! Pretty sure I could make a meal of that crispy skin!!
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