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I am a complete rookie at this smoking thing, lots of reading not much doing. I have a Weber One touch Silver BBQ-22.5". I attempting my first turkey.  I am trying to attain temps around that 300* mark. One chimmey full of coals was lit and banked on one side of the grill. After one hour in I have temps of 300+ at the top of the lid but the air temp at  the turkey itself is 255. I have a digital probe stuck in a potato close to the turkey. Is this hot enough?

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I'm betting as that turkey heats up you will see your grate temp go up. 255* is fine and no safety issues there.
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2 hrs in and added some briquetts and I now have a dome temp 325 and grill temp of 275. It is turning a nice brown. Have not done a  I T yet.

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Hello Bountyhunter.  Sounds like you got that tiger by tha tail.  HANG ON!  Your doin fine.  Most of these things aren't rocket science but can be a little intimidating.  Nice to have knowledgeable folks like Dave around to hold your hand a little till you find your feet.  Have fun my friend and don't forget the Qview.  Keeep Smokin!


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Three hrs in and it is staying at 325/275. the breast meat is at 150 and one thigh is at 170 and the other is at 150 so i turned the bird to change the heat a little bit. It sure is looking good tho.

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Be sure to send Q-view  ... biggrin.gif

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Sorry for not getting back to you, I was too busy fighting off the kids. Put it in the fridge over night and then sliced it cold and took it to a neighborhood picnic. It got inhaled, I almost didn't get any. I haven't figured out how to do pictures yetbut will look into it poss this weekend as I am planning on doing a chicken and some ribs. Thank you again for all your support. This site is fantastic.

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