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Spankin' the butt, or butt spankin' me?

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So I'm doing my first pork butt on Sunday. Got a 5.25lb bone-in PB with a commercial rub that I'm gonna try. Using natural oak lump charcoal for fuel and apple wood chunks for smoke. My plan of attack is to get it on the grill at about 6am, figuring it'll take roughly 10 hours at 225* to bring it up to an IT of 180*. I'm planning on slicing, not pulling. Does this sound good? Any tips or advice? This is only the third thing I've smoked. I was planning a brisket, but the price was outrageous at $5.49/lb, so I've had to change my thinking.
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I'm doing one as we speak (will be posting picks later) put mine on at 6 am also. Sounds good, but every piece of meat is a bit different. I always plan an additional 1-2 hours for the stall. Don't get freaked out if you see the internal temp sit with out much change for a couple hours. It's the stall, and a normal event. Don't turn up the heat. Keep your temp steady.
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You should foil it when it hits a IT temp of 160 then finish it off to your final temp, take ir out of your pit, wrap it up in a couple towels and let rest about 1hr before slicing.
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Your plan sounds good.  Although as Matt says above plan for extra time.  My last butt went real long in time.  I'll be starting one in the morning (early).  Good luck on the smoking!icon14.gif

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So, my first butt is on. Wish me luck. The Qview will come after its done.
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Best of luck on the butt. I haven't tried one yet, with the price of brisket, sounds like the next best thingicon14.gif

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I'm smoking some short ribs as well today.

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Everything has gone great. Seemed to fly through the stall, or so I thought. My therm is showing an IT of 178, and it has been there for going on an hour. Isn't that kind of high for a temp stall?

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