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Dave you're just not getting good corn if it doesn't have much flavor....tough??   If it's tough you're not cooking it long enough or too much.

I've been grilling Indiana sweet corn most of my life and i do similar to you.  

1) soak in water for a few hours minimum, usually for 10-12 hours
2) DO NOT remove husk or silk
3)Foil if grilling high direct heat, or no foil indirect heat
4) When it's done remove husk and silk

Wide mouth jar of water filled with hot water and melted butter poured over the water....allow butter to settle on top

5) Dip corn into water and up slowly through the butter

6) ENJOY!!!

x2 exactley how I do mine. I did about 200ears for a 4th of july party and its always a big hit. Think fresh corn helps on it being tough. mine was picked @ 2a.m locally that morning from a big sweet corn farm that i worked at when i was a kid.
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Deep fry! Grew up with boiled and then did it deep fried. Wow and everybody that tries it can't believe how good it tastes even without any butter.

Can you explain how this is done never heard of deep fried corn? might want to try this at one of our catfish cookouts.
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I just shuck the corn and keep it cool till I get ready to deep fry it. I usually keep my peanut oil about 365 and fill the baskets. Deep fry till it starts to caramelize  a little. Doesn't take long. Wont believe how many compliments you will get.

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ok thanks excited to try it.
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