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I think Gary that if ya ain't an engineer, you might have missed your callin!

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Hi Guys I managed to get 4hrs of good smoke!!!!!  This was on the dust and chips filled half way up, I reckon if I add some to give me three quarters then I'm happy with a 5hr smoke - refill and another 5hr smoke (over night) then repeat over 2 - 4 nights.

I'm a happy bunny now I've got smoke.  I just need to tidy things up a little and possibly fine some more robust items.

Thanks Foamheart, I have my fingers crossed that it will all hold together, I'm going to try some cheese and hardboiled eggs tomorrow hopefully.  I love cheese, onion, egg and salad cream sarnies all mashed together.   Now I'll be able to call em Smoked.  Mmmmmmm....



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If you are going to be a real country engineer, you will have to start learning about duct tape and bailin wire.




Ain't it fun!

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Foamheart, funny you should mention 'duct tape and bailin wire.'  This is my next step.  I can't find any supplier over here for the AMNPS so I thought I would have a go at my own.  I bought some mesh, both stainless steel and some wire, it wasn't called bailin wire, but I hope it's close.


The mesh itself is off cuts from an oil rig job, and is said to be heat resistant - we shall see.





I used the bailin wire and duct tape to fix the pieces together, whilst I used self tappers, nuts and bolts to hold it together, I need to order another piece so I can form the pyramid thingies for the inside.  I'll use the bailin wire to sew the 2 sides that haven't got walls  to use screws.




four more days for my bacon in brine so I don't think smoker No3 will be ready in time, but no worries as No2 will be operational.  We now have a heat wave in the UK, which is bumping temps up at night, so I've started to freeze soda bottles filled with water.



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Hello Gary.  You are really gettin with it!  When you finish your smokin tray you will have all the kinks worked out so building mine should be a snap! icon_biggrin.gif  What about this weather??  Finally got the good lady home from hospital today AND finally got to smoke some meat in this fine weather.  Just chicken but since we got home so late, it'll have to wait till tomorrow.  By coincidence, my butcher will be open tomorrow also so I may have to get some ribs or ribeye steak on the smoker. icon_biggrin.gif  Keep goin!  We're all watchin for that bacon.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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Lookin good Gary, I had a thought, as long as you are building custom why not incorporate some type of angled roof so that any drips do not get on the pellets? Also not knowing your pit, you might look at how to mount it so it can be adjusted incase you find dead areas (no circulation) in your pit. Looks fine though.


So where's the bacon? Tomatoes will be out of season!

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Hi Danny, Foamheart, Everyone.  Friday's the day to take them out (day 14)  I have noticed that the brine has gone a little gelatinous the smell is fresh and clean, with no off smells, I've read a similar post and the replies were that it's OK to proceed.


Thanks for the advice, Foamheart I think I'll build a wooden box for the burner and connect it to my blue butt, I wanted to keep the temperature as low as possible.  The hood / roof idea is a good one, it can be used to maneuver  the basket box easier as well.  We had a cold spring so the Toms are a bit behind, my dads got his 3rd truss set now and there beginning to pick up.


Glad to hear your wife is home and Ok Danny, and your doin some smokin.


thanks guys


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BACON, BACON, BACON!!! I wanna see some bacon.

Happy smoken.


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I'm sorry to say, I'm going to throw this batch of bacon out.  It's due to my lack of supervision, I found on day 9 or 10 that the brine had developed into a 'slime,' I also discovered my fridge was broken and running at 13°c - 59°f  I added to an existing post about this 'slime' and read some excellent posts about it.  

The main culprits are Temperature, Bacterial Infection. Poor quality Sugars.


My temperature was defiantly wrong.

The sugar I'd used was quite old.

I thing bacteria was introduced due to old sugar and poor hygiene standards.


Some of the posts said to rinse the bacon and put it in fresh brine, if I lived on my own I would have done this, but my 88 yr. old dad lives with me and it's a risk I'm not prepared to take.


On a happy note I'm getting some more bellies soon and learning from my mistakes will hopefully have some bacon to q-viewdrool.gif



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Well that just suxors! Hey come on, I just started another batch.......
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Thanks Foamheart, I'm gonna try and catch you up !!!  No, seriously - I'll be happy just to get a batch done properly.  I'm off to pick them up tomorrow.  I have a new larger fridge. (with a thermometer this time!)  I'll re read all the posts on 'how to' and start tomorrow.  It looks like our 'heat wave' is ending on tuesday next. so that will help a little with the smoking (temp wise)


The ones you just started, have you done anything new to them?  (spices or such like)  I'm going to follow the same recipe as before, so I can taste them 'as is'



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I have done 2 batches and love pops brine just the way it is.


Going to start a loin for cb this weekend.



You are going to love it.

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This batch in the cooler now is mostly fat, wasn't too impressed. Started to cut it and make "fat back", salt pork.


Ya know I am thinking I need to try one of those fatties using my own bacon.........

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Originally Posted by Foamheart View Post

This batch in the cooler now is mostly fat, wasn't too impressed. Started to cut it and make "fat back", salt pork.


Ya know I am thinking I need to try one of those fatties using my own bacon.........



Most say dont waste your good bacon on a fattie, use store bought.

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Yeah, but most don't have 5 sow bellies to use.....

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Nope, use your bacon. Lol

I would.
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Well DARN Gary.  What a shame.  Still, I think you made the right call getting rid.  Hope the next one turns out better.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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2nd belly is now in the fridge at 4°c - 39-40°f.  I followed the same as before, apart from sterilizing my box and tools.  I also bought a dedicated measuring spoon for the 1 tab, this one measured 29g of cure instead of the original 19g.


29g is just a gnats whisker over 1oz.


So just have to monitor things and turn the belly a few times over the next 14 days.  I didn't post pics, as they would be nearly the same as before.

Fingers crossed



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I doff my hat to your courage and ingenuity. 


Disco, a Fellow Citizen of the Commonwealth

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