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bison ribs?

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Has anyone tried smoking bison ribs? I may have a chance to get some soon and I've only cooked pork ribs. The bison look like dino bones.
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We did some buffalo ribs a few years ago. They are similar to beef short ribs, but leaner. We used the 3-2-1 cooking method and they turned out really nice! If I could get my hands on some more I'd so them that way again.
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Thanks. I was hoping I could use 3-2-1.
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I vote 3-2-1 as well

Happy smoken


Remember to post a Qview.

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I'll throw my 2 cents...  Being really lean and similar to beef i'd try it like i do beef ribs.  Sear over charcoal (get a nice caramelization) then slow cook for like 4-6 hours basting every hour until tender.   Use your favorite won't regret it. 

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