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Cooking 2 Pork Butts

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Hi, I want to cook 2 10lb Boston Pork Butts in the oven at 250 degrees. I am not sure how long I should cook the butts since I am doing 2 at the same time! Please help!

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Hello , Anna Lochas. Welcome to the SMF. Glad you stopped in and hope you get to liking it here and start BBQing with us. biggrin.gif


Please stop in at our RollCall and introduce yourself properly to the rest of the Family . yahoo.gifAnd add your location to your Profile. Makes it easier to understand your questions.


Now, the Butts. In an Oven, @ 250*F , you should "Braise" the Butts ( water and the addition of root vegies would make a nice sauce). Time for this "could" be as long as 15hrs. However , tracking with a Thermometer is necessary. Time is only an estimate.


If you are going to Pull stage of 200*F Internal Temp. for Pulled Pork , track it with a thermometer that is reliable  and easy to use. A Probe type of therm. can be purchased at Walmart and is a Frugal purchase.


If you want slicing Pork, IMHO , I would go to an Internal Temp. of 180*F , in the deepest part of the Muscle. It should slice off well and be juicy.


Hope this helps and as always . . .

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