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need a great turkey brine recipe

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My in laws have a get together this time every year and my mother in law and I smoke different meats for a crew of people. I need a turkey brine recipe that is great I used to buttermilk brine recipe last year and it was good but looking for some ideas to top it. It cant be too spicy, but a little heat won't hurt. I made seasoned butter to put under the skin last year. I wasn't overly impressed, but it did help keep the turkey extra moist. I have a rub that I usually use, but there again not against changing that up. Any feedback is appreciated.

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I always use Tip's Slaughterhouse Brine.  You can find that recipe here:



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I've used Slaughterhouse as well and also this

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My Fowl Brine

(I am still learning brine, I always injected only)


3/4C                     brown sugar

1/2C                     salt

1T                          fresh Rosemary

1t                          ground Thyme

1T                          fresh Parsley

3/4T                      Dalimatian rubbed sage

2T                          Lea & Perrins

1t                          Tabasco

1/2T                      Tony’s “More Spice”

2 caps                   Butter extract



My old trusty injection (Been using this for 30+ years)

2 oz bottle of onion juice

2 oz bottle of garlic juice

Small bottle of Tabasco

Small bottle of Lea & Perrins

1 stick butter

½ C salt


This is my old recipe when I was doing multiple birds, make it and maybe freeze it or adjust accordingly for your bird. Also get a hypodemic with the biggest gage needle from the local feed and seed, it does less damage to the flesh and allows you to do more injections of less juice, (besides saving money). Thereby adding flavor and moisture without puddling it.


Make sure you dissolve the salt and have a warm needle and hypo or it can plug on you, a warm glass of water for needle if you hit a cold spot.


Just my preferences, I have a chicken drying the fridge now after 24 hours of this brine. Gonna smoke it this evening for supper. You are cooking against your Mother-n-law? I don't see the possiblity of a winning situtation, start practicing on chickens now! Have you thought of moving to California?


Good luck with your smoke man

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I did Alton Brown's brine for the T Bird this past year. It was really good. You'll have to check it out on Food Network.
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I recently did the slaughter house brine of 2 turkey breasts.  Had all of the things I needed at home...and it is wonderful.  Gives the bird a nice flavor with out being too salty or spicy.  I am going to use that during the Holidays this winter



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Here's a few you can paruse, some different flavor profiles...biggrin.gif

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Thanks I might have to buy a few more birds because these all look good.

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I wouldn't dream of cooking against her lol. She does brisket for the bunch and I usually do the poutry. Her brisket is some of the best I have had. I may have to grab a few chickens and give your recipe a whirl.


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smokers rolling with brisket, Turkey, and pork shoulder
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Slaughterhouse brine be good just the way I made it, low in salt an all.  Now ifin ya wan't a bit more heat, add in some cajun seasonin, just don't add to much er you'll go from warm ta WOW in a hurry!

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