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First Brisket

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I'm going for my first brisket this weekend. Question-Do I leave the fat cap on?

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  Hi migbait. I personally leave it on and smoke with the fat side down. I think it gives a better bark on the meat side. Others may disagree.



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It's all personal preference...if i used a WSM with a water pan i might trim it  so i have bark all the way around.  If i cook in my offset i might keep fat side up just so it bastes it...or if i do my drum i might go fat side down so it acts as a heat barrier. 

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I trim it, but try to leave 1/4" or so. I cut away all of the hard fat I can get at.

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Hey mig, brisket is all about which one you buy and if you trim it properly. Instead of me typing 3 pages for this one thread go to and search Aaron Franklin BBQ then click on the brisket video he has 2 you may wanna watch both but the first will teach you more of Texas secrets than any Texan will tell you outright! Just don't forget to give Texas its credit when it comes out GOOD!
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All you folks are great. I have enough information now to do you all proud. Look for some pics.

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