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Trying Jeff's latest email suggestion today...

All planked up and ready to go...
TIP TO THOSE AS MENTALLY CHALLENGED AS MOI: measure the freakin' plank before you put it in an MES30. Now we're trying a new smoking method...
FRED'S JAMMED, ANGLED, plank method.
Stay tuned......
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Go Get Em'!

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If you read my Smoke-a-thon thread, you will see the same meatloaf recipe.    Yes, I had to cut the plank down a little to fit in my masterbuilt smoker.   FYI,  Jeff's receipe calls for smoking it at 225-240 for 2.5 hours or until the IT reaches 160.  Even at 235-240, it took far more than 2.5 hours to reach 160.  I think it took me close to 4 hours.

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I'm 3 hours in and finding that out now. It's at 149 now. I bumped the temp and will now, sadly, have to have another beer.
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oh boo hoo!  sausage.gif

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Finally finished, lookin' good and ready to go..

Now, if everyone raves about it, Jeff's World Famous Jalapeño meatloaf will become FRED's WORLD FAMOUS yada, yada, yada.
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That looks incredible!



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I did 3 of Jeff's recipe's over the last couple of weeks and amazed myself! Did a bacon fatty, pulled pork shoulder and the meatloaf and I'm telling you all 3 were absolutely awesome. I cut a bit back on the jalapeños in the meatloaf and they were still good and not too spicy. I had lots of juice off the pork and my wife won't let me do anymore fatty's until my arteries open back up. Jeff, all 3 were awesome and will make it to the front of my recipe book! Thanks for the help!
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The meatloaf!
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And the pulled pork was tender as a baby's behind!
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Tender as a baby's behind?    TMI

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looks good.. love meatloaf, especially cold meatloaf sandwiches! thanks for sharing! :)
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I loved the way mine turned out in my new WSM.  I might cut back on the jalapenos next time though.  


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If I did it again, I also would cut back on the Jalapeno's but form the loaf a little less height so it would cook sooner.  Think mine was too thick which caused it to take forever to cook.

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Recipe please

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Here's the link                 http://www.smoking-meat.com/june-20-2013-planked-smoked-meatloaf



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LOL!  I made the same mistake last weekend but luckily had some heavy duty shears nearby that made short work of the plank.  My recipe was an amalgamation of my own meatloaf recipe and Jeff's and it turned out spectacular.  I'll be smoking my meatloaf from here on out.  One warning though; Jeff isn't kidding when he says that his sauce intensifies in the refrigerator.  Hoo boy!

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Sorry for the multiple posts.  Facebook jacked me up.

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Sure.....blame it on Facebook, fast fingers Malvert

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LOL!  No really!  I thought I was already a member although I've never posted and when I went to make a reply, Facebook stepped in and wanted to double post on my Facebook account.  Well I'm not crazy about that sort of thing and so accidentally cancelled out and reposted 3 times.

Anyway, in my meatloaf I add Heinz 57 (because that's how my mommy made it for me icon_mrgreen.gif), and a big wad of mozzarella down the middle.  Here it is...

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