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Originally Posted by lizard55033 View Post

The little lady has a craving for some Chicken and Steak Kabobs. As well as some grilled corn on the cob too


If the little lady wants it. you better cook it, buy it, steal it. find it.......you get the point.

Happy smoken.


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looks like a few pork shoulders, pork loin and a stuffed loin are on my menu also with chicken and burgers

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Doing a 15 lb packer brisket, here's where its at now:





Smoking over post oak and cherry. Will be making burnt ends from the point as soon as the flat is nice and tender. 


Happy 4th everyone!!!

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Mmmm! Looks good, Suie!

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Originally Posted by Manchester Bob View Post

Mmmm! Looks good, Suie!

Thanks Bob!!!

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Some pork spare ribs and wings! Happy 4th!
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Happy smoken.


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I put a brisket flat and pork butt on at O dark thirty this morning.  No before pictures, too early!  I put beans on about an hour ago, and just threw some Boars Head hot dogs on for lunch.  Foiled the flat at 160 and bumped the temp to 260 (had started at 225).  Everything is coming together.  Might even get a nap in this afternoon before the meat has to come off for its nap 439.gif

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Gotta go help a friend with his cook out, so I'm just doing a couple of yard birds, spatchcocked, @ 235 degrees to "add to the pot".


Happy Independence day!!!usa.gif

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The kids and grand kids are coming over! We're going to have hamburgers and pulled pork from Sunday and some smoked salmon.  Happy 4th of July!

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We're having a smoking 4th (except for the taters & ice cream)

Got a fillet Mignon  @ 3.5 pounds. Going to hickory smoke it 'till rare- med rare  @ 225 after a quick sear directly on the wood.

Going to go ahead and smoke/cook the corn on the cob (shuck left on)

Smoked crab legs and lobster tails (cover with olive oil and old bay then smoke 'till done)

All smoking done on my Big Green Egg (if you haven't ever used one it is very forgiving at keeping things moist)

Shredded  cheese and sour cream potatoes (the wife will cook in the oven because that is what she wants instead of smoking) 


Made my Ice Cream yesterday. Vanilla and seedless blackberry 

I like to make it the day before because I prefer to use Better'n Eggs because they are pasteurized 


Hope everyone has a great 4th of July! I would like to thank all those dedicated to keeping us free!

and to the fellow that's wife is having surgery Gods blessings on you and yours.

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Beer can yard bird going on here in about 10 min. Brined with slaughterhouse brine, PBR for beer and rubbed with Webber Kickin' Chicken. Using the ECB, with hickory and apple. Picks to follow. Stay tuned.

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Originally Posted by themule69 View Post


Happy smoken.


Thanks, David, although I suspect you meant to refer to Suie's photo. I'm off to a late start: had to run to the store.


Got the WSM fired up now and waiting for the pit to get to temp. Glad that baby backs don't take too long, or I'd be in trouble!


Happy 4th, all!

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Happy Independence Day to my US of A Friends.


From a Friend in Canada

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Well, I must confess...... no photos this time


Got the 4 shoulders on the WSM around 8:50PM.  Done at 12:30PM next day (15 hours 40 minutes).  Pulled them, foiled them and into the trusty old ice chest they went for this afternoon.  Figured the WSM was still going strong and had a good bit of charcoal left so on went 5 chicken leg quarters.  Unfortunately I need stuff some more sausage as that is what I usually finish out the charcoal with.  Rain, rain and more rain, but I have a covered porch with 12' ceilings so here I sit in my lawn chair nice and dry smelling that wonderful hickory and oak aroma as the chickens do their thing...


So, Happy 4th SMF ! ! ! ! !  


(PS - remember what this day truly means and the sacrifices of those who came before us to make it all possible - and thank a returning soldier next time you see one. They are the keepers of our freedom we so often take for granted).

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Not smoking anything today.  Waiting till tomorrow when my son arrives from Alaska on his 2 week leave from the Army.  Over the next two weeks I will be doing ribs, brisket, and a fatty or two.  It's going to be a great next two weeks.


Everyone's smoking pictures for today look awesome.


Happy Independence Day everyone!

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My little flat after it rested. Moist, lots of flavor and cut like butter


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Got 2 bacon wrapped pork tenderloins and some abt's stuffed with queso fresco and lil smokeys in the smoker. Followed by baked beans and beer brats on the grill. Happy and safe 4th to everyone!
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Nothing special for us!


Reverse sear on some nice thick boneless pork chops, twice baked potatoes, and brussel sprouts!


Q-view to come later.



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I injected some wings with buffalo sauce then rubbed with ConYeager Cajun Wing Rub. Smoked with pecan & hickory. Then, a few minutes on the grill to crisp the skin. Just waiting for my son to get back with the beer so we can eat!

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