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Got Wood?

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New to Forum/Group, stumbled on this forum looking for mods for my smoker (which I found).  Thought I'd share some info on the guy I just got wood from off craigslist in San Diego.  He's got a lot of seasoned oak, and some orange wood - which was fantastic to smoke with.  Located in Valley Center, nice guy, $50 to fill up the back of my xterra.  Not sure of forum rules, so PM me if you need his contact info.


On a side note, who has good prices on choice or better briskets around Oceanside?  Got a good choice packer from TipTop, but was hoping to find one for less than $5/lb.

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Lance, welcome to the group.

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Lance, welcome to the group.

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Welcome Lance. If they were a little closer I would get all my meat from Tip Top. If you are a KCBS member you can shop at the Miramar location of Restaurant Depot. They sometimes have some good Certified Angus, or at least the Colton location does. Mostly I get my briskets at Sams though. Always find a decent product there. Orange wood, thats about all I cook with, occasionally some Olive for chicken. Nice mild smoke...Todd

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Thanks, Todd.  Do you have a good source for orange wood?  The guy I got it from doesn't have much left, and not sure if he can get more.

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There are a few guys around here selling orange wood but I haven't done business with them yet. I need to stock up and will probably go to The Woodshed in Orange county and see what they have. I would reckon better quality than local guys, and I trust them to know their wood. Locals, you might get some other junk thrown in. There is a large orange grove in Riverside slated to be torn out and a guy I used to work for put a bid in on the job. if he gets it I will be able to go cut all the wood I want, or he will dump as many semi loads as I want in my yard.

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For briskets the best price I have found so far is Smart and Final.  They are packer cuts and are usually less then $2.50 per pound.  Not sure on orangewood suppliers, but check with any tree removal company they may call you up when they take and orange tree out.  You never know.

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