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I probably didn't explain myself very well. You need to have 'some' air moving through the smoker at all times to keep the smoke from becoming stale and/or  forming creosote on your food. That's where the experimenting comes in. I would  suggest you open one top vent a 'little' and leave it open. Then open one of the bottom vents just enough to give you a steady flow of thin blue smoke out the top vent. Usually you want to make adjustments to the bottom vent(s) and leave the top one open enough to exhaust the smoke. This will also limit the amount of air getting to your wood, and slow the burning quite a bit.


It may take several smokes to find the balance between losing too much heat and venting the smoke, but it can be done. Once you insulate the cabinet the temp will be much more stable. 

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Thanks for clarifying that !

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I need help and suggestions for this smoker because I'm not smart as I look as you can see in my HS graduation picture!

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Hello fellow smokers. I thought I would post a follow up. As I said in my previous post, I had trouble maintaining 230* in my smoker. Being the cheap skate that I am I spent another $11.00 at Home Depot and bought a 3'x5'x 1/4" piece of Hardie board. I believe its used as a under layment. Anyway I able to do the whole unit with it just about. I had pieces left over that I could of done the top but put a 1/2" piece of cutting board on the top instead. I didn't bother with the bottom. I used 1/4" x 1/2" long rivets. I left one air vent exposed at the top. I had a roll of aluminumized tape (used for hvac duct) laying around that I taped all the seams. I was surprised that the aluminum tape stuck as good as it did on the hardie board. I cranked my temp controller up and was able to get the unit up to 290* . I filled the water pan with sand. The hardie board got real warm on the front not so bad on the sides. They make a3x5 x1/2" thick hardie board for $16 that would insulate it even more, but the weight would be too much.(unless you put casters on it). What I did probably tripled the weight as it is. I'm not saying this is the best way, just a cheap way insulating this thing. I figure at least now I got the capability to smoke what ever I want. (just have to learn how to smoke right now). Thanks all for your valuable inputs!



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After thinking about, this hardie board helped out a lot, but the outside of it still gets pretty warm during a smoke. That tells me its still losing heat. I'm going to look for something else to put over the hardie board to help keep the heat in, like a welding blanket or something.

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