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Work BBQ

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So we decided to do a BBQ where I work and since there are two of us that like to get the smokers going on the weekend we decided we would split the cooking.


So we asked people to bring in sides and we supplied the rest. this was for about 45 people.

I smoked 3 whole chickens (quartered) and two Pork shoulders (19 lbs total).

My buddy smoked a 12 lb Brisket and 5 slabs of ribs.



Baked Beans

Taco Salad

7 layer dip

Spaghetti salad

way too many deserts



I only have pics of what I did and the final output.


Here are the chickens starting: - used Mesquite Chips


And finished 4 hrs later:


Here are the Shoulders going on: - used Hickory Chunks


And finished (pulled forgot to get a pic before pulling) after 15 hrs:


The entire spread:



We had multiple compliments, and some said it was the best BBQ they have ever had! It was a lot of fun.


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link-Great looking spread! What a way to treat you're co-workers.
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Nice , Link. I enjoy doing large groups. biggrin.gif The Kudos are always so nice.

post #4 of 4 the smoker here at my job...unfortunately here at my job we got the crowd whos asked to bring things, and they fight over who gets to bring sauce or plates,spoons,etc...bastards...haha. oh well.
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