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Exhausting Smoke-a-thon

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What exhausting work. spent the entire weekend smoking a whole bunch of stuff. Had lots of fresh salmon that the wife had caught which needed smoking as well as her fishing buddy Jimmy had run out of his salmon snacks so he gave me over 15 pounds worth to smoke.

Then there was more.....

Jerky taking a bath in the Brine

Jerky air drying

Jerky going into the dehydrator for six hours after spending two hours in the smoker. What was a challenge was that I had 7 Big Chief racks worth of Jerky ready to go, but a Big Chief has only 5 shelves available, so I had to get out the other Big Chief to help share the load. All went well.

In goes salmon nuggets for 2+ hours after the jerky came out

Meanwhile Master built gasser smoking jack and cheddar cheese and butter using only ANMPS with Hickory pellets for heat and smoke. The propane tank was not used. Just set up for the gasser's next task, below

Meanwhile meatloaf on a maple plank waiting to go into the gasser once the cheese and butter comes out. Will reside inside for 2.5 hours or an IT of 160°
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Finish products:





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Busy busy busy!!! Looks great and a productive weekend!

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Holy crow! Nice work with this! Exhausted I'm sure you had a blast!

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And what the Mrs doing yesterday while I was slaving over the smokers?

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yeh id pretty much devour all of that!! lol. thanks for sharing.
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Looking Good! Man those nuggets made my mouth water.


What type of wood did you smoke them with?

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I normally use first Alder then Apple for the jerky, nuggets and fillets.

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Excellent looking smoke! Your salmon is spot on Yummy looking! drool.gif

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