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More smoke!

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Okay before I get into my question, here's what I'm working with. I built a side smoker using the mailbox mod with an AMNS . I attached a fan from an old computer to help transfer the smoke from the mailbox to the smoker (a master built propane 2 door model) Had some issues with keeping the AMNS lit after adding some legs to the AMNS to improve air flow around the "dust" & drying the "dust' in the oven before lighting. The mod worked fine. I am however not getting the heavy smoke flavor I achieve with the wood chips. Yes I had to add fuel every 1/2 hour or so with the chips (pain in the butt). I've considered getting a second AMNS for a double dose. Anyone have another suggestion. I've lit both ends of the maze with about the same results. There just isn't the smoke saturation I get with the chips. In advance Thanks & happy smokingbluesbros.gif

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you can also dry your dust in the microwave. If you want more smoke add another AMNPS ot AMNPT.

Happy smoken.


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