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Bone in pork sirloin roast.. yummy and cheap!

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Albertsons had whole bone in pork sirloin roasts for $.88/lb. Picked up a few to try em out. I'll be heading back to the store for more!


Decided to debone the roast (forgot to take photos of it) and it was pretty easy. It has a funny shaped bone in it, but just follow it with the blade of the knife and it comes out fairly easy. Once you do it once, it's piece of cake from then on.


Smoked with apple wood at 225-235 for a little over 3.5hrs or so. Pulled em at 145*, foiled/toweled and into ice chest for an hour. Thanks for the threads here to for that info.


I must say...these are very yummy and quick as the ones I have range from 3-5lb's. Had my bro in law stop by as they were resting and he brought his dog with him, went right for the ice chest. He asked what I had, I sliced em up and told him to try it out. He said he could only take a single piece as he was stuffed already from supper...7 slices later..I was smiling. Sent the rest home with him too.


Rubbing them up, I had them in fridge for 4 hours, and was putting some final rub on right before smoking:



Smokin away:



Off the grill:



Sliced...juicy juicy!


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Happy smoken.


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Looks delicious!!!  drool.gif:
Did a great job on beboning. Cant even tell where it was!!  Was it still moist after it was refrigerated....or was there even any left TO refrigerate???  LOL  Mine was a bit dry the next day  icon_cry.gif .
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Nothing left to refrigerate, which was a good thing as I still have a whole spatchcocked smoked chicken leftover to eat. biggrin.gif

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Well done, good to see some new cuts of meat on the smoker.
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Yummmm!! I liked the way you had said u did ur chicken before. Love doin mine that way. Have that down plus more even cooking. Had to google spatchcock
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