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My First Smoke...

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Ok. Thanks to all the great info I've learned on here from all of you experts, my first smoking experience came out much better than it would have without your help. Thanks so much for all the great encouragement and the advice.


I made a video as the process progressed. I'm open to suggestions on what I did right and what I did wrong, or what I could do to improve my technique. Cleaning that sucker afterwards was a piece of work.

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  An excellent video! I really enjoyed it. Glad the ribs came out great! My only concern is, was the exhaust vent closed while producing smoke? It should always be fully open. This will affect the amount of smoke flavor on the meat. A great start. Keep it up.



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Thanks for the comment, Mike.


Yes, I had the exhaust vent closed all the way. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be done. I thought you wanted to keep the smoke in the smoker. There was a lot of smoke coming out of the chip adding hole. Let me know so I do it right next time.

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Generally you want the vents open for a clean fire otherwise it can get to be a dirty fire
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  With the exhaust vent fully open the smoke will kiss the meat rather than smothering. Try it and you will taste the difference.! It is what is called the TBS> (thin blue smoke)



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Thanks so much for that info. I obviously didn't know what I was doing that day. Duh!

That's why this site and all of your guys (and gals) are such a great resource, especially for a newbie.


I will change my approach next time.


Thank you again.

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You're off to a good start GC! Those ribs look great.


I agree with the other's advise, and you'll pick up plenty of tips to tweak your style on SMF. 

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Great video. Can I move in with you?

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Sure you can move in, but you'll have to do the weed-eating.

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