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Getting ready for Bacon

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I'm getting ready to try some of 'Pop's' brined bacon and have a couple of questions please.

After brinning, it's dried off and ready to form a pellicle.  Should the bacon go in the fridge to form the pellicle?

Can you split the smoke time into 2 or more periods and what is the maximum length of time between smokes and should it be refrigerated?




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I put mine in fridge to dry for 24 hours and smoke for 12 hours.

Alot of people smoke longer and break up the smoke times.
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You can split the smoking times if you wish to add more smoke flavor.  You should not have any problems if properly brined.  I usually just put the bellies in the fridge just to be safe between smoking smokes.

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Thanks C Farmer and Bear, I'm just getting things sorted in me head, so that I'm confident when I take the plunge.

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