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Wow, the complexities of sellin a little ole' bottle of sauce!


Good luck with it!


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Yes,  the next time a dinner guest say's "Your sauce is wonderful, you should sell it."  Ask them if they would be willing to finance you?


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I guess I am going to try to start selling my sauce at local farmers markets. If it is successful there I will try to mass produce and sell to local stores. I am still going forward with this co-packer idea since it is such a long process.


I appreciate all the input. Hopefully this sauce can be taken to the next level...

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Bump for an update!

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I have since started selling my sauces in glass bottles. I was able to create my own brand name and logo. I have professional labels on the bottles and 5 unique grilling sauces and a hot sauce. The sauce business has potential in the long term, but my catering business brings in more money on the short term. I am going to pursue the catering business while pushing the sauce business until I have the capital to become a certified sauce manufacturer. 

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